Robinhood Crypto Beta, FTX Challenge, Bitcoin Miners Bet Big, BTC ETF Inflows + More News


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News about adoptions

  • Investment application Robin Hood announced that they will launch their crypto wallets into their beta phase in mid-January 2022, which will be rolled out to thousands of waitlist customers. They added that they had seen 1 million signups on a wait list in less than 30 days, and as of the date of the announcement, more than 1.6 million people have signed up for wallets.
  • FTX is call for banks to reach out and discuss the possibility of accepting stablecoins in exchange for a reward of $ 1 million. The exchange said it was exploring forming relationships with banks in different regions to allow users to have “near instant and near free deposits and withdrawals” through stablecoins.

Mining News

  • Digital marathon agreed to buy 78,000 Antminer S19 XP Bitcoin (BTC) miners from Bitmain for $ 879.1 million. A total of 13,000 machines are expected to be delivered each month from July to December 2022.
  • GEM mining, a BTC mining company based in South Carolina, United States, said it has deployed a fleet of 13,118 active miners producing 6.5 BTC per day. The company also confirmed fully funded purchase orders, with hosting, for another 19,000 machines – all ready to be activated by the end of 2022. The company said it had mined BTC 560.9 since February 2021. .

Investment news

  • the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) has raised more than $ 40 million so far in December, its third consecutive monthly injection, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. In addition, investors added $ 6.5 million to the Bitcoin Valkyrie Strategy ETF since late November, also its third consecutive month of influx, according to the report.

Regulatory news

  • A new US $ 768 billion defense policy bill removed “cryptocurrencies” from the language of the US national strategy against terrorism and illicit financing, according to Forbes. This political stance appears to alleviate concerns about or targeting emerging technologies, he added.

NFT News

  • E11EVEN Partners, the brand behind the famous downtown Miami disco club, purchased the Ape # 11 non-fungible token (NFT) from the Bored Monkey Yacht Club for ETH 99 ($ ​​396,000 at time of transaction). The NFT represents a monkey wearing a red bathrobe, with a laurel wreath and smoking a cigarette.
  • Ghost of Solana (SOL) wallet abandoned its plans to sell expensive NFT invitations for its iOS beta after receiving strong criticism from the community that it was effectively charging people with access passes of $ 1,600. He said he would donate the now-canceled mint proceeds to charity, but access passes will be replaced with a “free” beta invite for 1,000 people, a steep drop from the 7,000. non-fungible tokens provided.

Metaverse News

  • ETF Issuer ProShares requested a metaverse focused ETF with the US Security and Trade Commission (SECOND). The “Metaverse Theme ETF” would track the performance of the Solactive Metaverse Theme Index, which includes companies exposed to the Metaverse industry.

Legal news

  • Lawyers for Australian crypto mogul Greg Dwyer of the crypto exchange BitMEX, convinced a U.S. judge to delay Dwyer’s trial for violating banking laws because he had less time to prepare for proceedings after fighting Bermuda’s extradition, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.


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