Polygon, Axie Infinity & Bitcoin – American Wrap February 24


Cryptocurrencies are waking up in shock this morning as Ukraine’s entire eastern border is besieged by missile attacks from Russia and Belarus. This afternoon, NATO and the EU are jostling for emergency meetings to retaliate further with sanctions that cut Russia entirely from the financial system. In the meantime, investors are hoarding cash and withdrawing their money into safe havens, but in doing so they offer nice longer-term entry levels.

MATIC could lose 25% as Russian military action progresses on Ukrainian mainland

Polygon (MATIC) is poised to slide below $1.00 as price action comes under selling pressure as military action in Ukraine shakes global markets. Russian troops bomb several major cities and there are reports of military convoys crossing mainland Ukraine with Russian troops. Global markets sparked a sell-off across the board, with safe-haven assets in high supply and risky assets pushed out of portfolios.

Axie Infinity Remains In Control, AXS May Crash Towards $31

A brief technical and chain analysis on the Axie Infinity price. Here, FXStreet analysts assess where AXS might be heading next. Please subscribe to our Youtube channelFollow us on twitter @FXScrypto and join our telegram channel.


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