PayPal CEO Dan Schulman: “Cryptocurrencies will redefine the financial world”


“I am very excited about what crypto and digital ledger technology can do for the financial system in the future,” PayPal CEO Dan Schulman told CTech ahead of his keynote speech at Axis Tel Aviv. . “I think the first things everyone thinks about Crypto, buying it and selling it, and what the price of bitcoin will be tomorrow, that’s the least interesting part of digital currencies for me. It comes down to consider digital currencies as an asset class. To me, the real exciting thing about digital currencies is the kind of utility they can provide in payments.

Paypal CEO Dan Schulman spoke with CTech before Tel Aviv axisan international conference on investment and innovation to be held at the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation on Tuesday, March 29. This year, the conference will be in person with more than 50 investors from foreign venture capital funds and international companies who will meet 70 Israeli startups developing new technologies.

“Clearly across the world central banks are considering issuing digital currencies,” Schulman continued. “The intersection between the CBDC, stablecoins, digital wallets, and the enhanced utility of payments via cryptocurrencies is not only fascinating, but I believe it will redefine much of the financial world in the future. to come up.”

The conference will be structured around four main themes: fintech, retail/eCommerce, mobility and sport/well-being. Major venture capital funds and companies participating in the conference, now in its 9th year, include Amazon, P&G, GM Ventures, APX, Garmin Konnect-Volkswagen, Applied Ventures and others. A total of 15 Israeli startups were selected to pitch and answer questions about their businesses. These include Mov.AI, C2A and Ezmems.

Have you been impacted by the high demand for Israeli tech workers leaving big companies for startups?

“I think across the world you still have a hard time retaining great talent,” Schulman said. “But you also have a lot of advantages to attract great talent. We are a great company with a very strong balance sheet, the ability to invest, working on incredibly important things that make a huge difference in the world. I see that now with the situation in Europe, how essential PayPal is in terms of the economies of different countries, how important each of our actions can be and how our values ​​can impact the world. always has that combination of people who think they can go to a startup and make a difference. Sometimes you can go to bigger companies and have an even bigger impact. So talent is always what’s stopping me sleep at night I think attracting top talent, retaining top talent and having a passionate workforce is the most important thing a CEO needs to think about and to concentrate.

What is the connection between PayPal and Israeli companies?

“We have 18 different functional teams in Israel. It’s not just a specialty, but it’s really tapping into the huge pool of talent inside Israel. Clearly, the tech community inside Israel is one of the most advanced in the world. A lot of that comes from the military, but it’s just a place with a positive attitude, with a philosophy of “ok, we have no choice, we’re going to win here”. We are going to do the things that need to be done. With enormous discipline and enormous expertise in many AI technology areas that are so important in today’s world. So we couldn’t be happier to have a growing presence in Israel that will continue to grow.


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