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In recent times, the world of online digital investments has seen tremendous development, it seems that at least one in four people have heard of it in the last period.
Cryptocurrency markets are at the center of all this talk, they represent a new frontier of investing in addition to the traditional stock market. Thanks to platforms such as Trade Republic, it is possible to invest in stocks and ETFs without commissions.

The opinion of the experts

According to a well-known provider of financial services focused on digital assets, or “Fidelity Digital Asset”, it seems that Bitcoin has a peculiarity compared to any other type of digital asset and that no other crypto could in any way improve bitcoin as a monetary asset. instrument.
In its latest report, this well-known multinational revealed how Bitcoin, at present, is the most secure digital currency and how it has achieved a kind of stability in its characteristics. According to Fidelity Digital Asset, in the near future there will not be the possibility of seeing another digital asset capable of replacing Bitcoin in the role of the main monetary instrument and therefore it would maintain its leadership in the sector.

The report published by the American company also shows a brief comparison with Ethereum (ETH), which is currently the second best asset in terms of market capitalization, the report highlights the positive aspects related to ETH such as speed response to users, but the trade-offs related to the benefits mentioned are also assessed.

Trade Republic offers as a novelty the possibility of investing in cryptos such as BTC and ETH and many others thanks to the easy and immediate creation of a zero-cost account.
In the end, the published report tends to clarify, according to the authors, how any investor can hardly trade on different assets without having fully known Bitcoin yet, and therefore investors should first study Bitcoin in all its forms and only after . to be able to look into other types of crypto investments.

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