Luxury retailer Juliettes Interiors sees digital currency sales soar as crypto-rich spend profits


Luxury brands have introduced Crypto payments as an opportunity to build customer loyalty. Offering this crypto as a method gives the customer flexibility for any reason and an ideal payment method.

Research shows that more than 56% of high net worth clients are currently investing in cryptocurrencies, indicating that other high net worth investors will increase over the next few years.

Compared to non-crypto users, Crypto users are more likely to purchase premium items, as the average order value (AOV) of a typical Crypto user is $450vs $200 for unencrypted users. Moreover, nearly 60% of high net worth individuals are interested in crypto investments. As a result, major luxury brands have started accepting cryptocurrency.

In other words, the crypto world is able to strongly influence the buying habits and habits of affluent consumers in the luxury industry. As a result, major brands are securing their space in the crypto arena in a bid to attract wealthy consumers.


According to Fashion Week Online, in a recent article, many high-end luxury brands are profiting from cryptocurrency transactions. Due to the great wealth they exchange, luxury brands have embraced this safer method of accepting payments.

In 2017, luxury furniture retailer Juliettes Interiors became the first high-end retailer in the UK to accept Bitcoin. Juliettes Interiors has seen a surge in Crypto transactions by its wealthy clients.

“By adding digital currency to our list of payment options, we have seen an increase in cryptocurrency payments over the 12 months in particular. Many of our customers are savvy bitcoin investors. We want to offer our UK and international customers a real choice with cryptocurrency payments that are fast, easy and hassle-free”

Juliet ThomasDirector of Juliettes Interiors –

Juliettes Interiors, clients can pay in Bitcoin to beautify their home with our luxury interior design service or purchase the finest and most luxurious furniture in the world.


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