Lots of Wow or Apex Crypto? Are Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dogecoin the most sought after crypto tattoos?


Investing in cryptocurrencies early has led to strong returns for investors and also created loyal fans. Some of these investors and fans have taken to their bodies to show their excitement with crypto-related tattoos.

Here is an overview of the best tattoo choices.

What happened: Searches for “crypto tattoo” on Google have increased by 222% in the last year, according to a study by Cipher heada platform to learn more about cryptocurrency and crypto exchanges.

Three of the major cryptocurrencies rank among the most searched crypto tattoo ideas on the Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG)(NASDAQ:GOOGL) belongs to the search engine and also as the most posted about encrypted tattoos on Instagram, a unit of Metaplatforms (NASDAQ: FB).

here’s how Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC), Dogecoin (CRYPTO: DOGE) and Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) ranked among tattoo searches.

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The tattoo heads: On Google, the Bitcoin tattoo ranks first among crypto-related tattoos with an average of 1,900 monthly searches.

Dogecoin ranks second for tattoo searches on Google, averaging 700 searches per month.

Ethereum tops the list as the third most searched crypto tattoo idea, averaging 500 searches per month.

On Instagram, “bitcointattoo” is the most used hashtag for crypto-related tattoos, surpassing even the generic “cryptotattoo” hashtag on the platform.

“Dogetattoo” is the second most hashtagged crypto tattoo of the three mentioned, and “ethereumtattoo” ranks third.

The number of bitcointattoo hashtags on Instagram was significantly higher than Dogecoin and Ethereum, topping the two combined by a ratio of more than 50 to 1.

Cryptocurrency shiba inus (CRYPTO: SHIB) has gained interest and research on many crypto exchanges and platforms. The coin recently overtook Bitcoin for popularity on CoinMarketCap. Could Shiba Inu coin tattoos be the next trend?

Price Action: At the time of writing, the top three tattooed cryptocurrencies are trading at the following values:

  • Bitcoin: $38,950.45
  • Dogecoin: $0.1140
  • Ethereum: $2,571.94

Photo: Courtesy of Marco Verche on Flickr


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