Islamic law experts vouch for digital currency



Digital currency is not fictional currency. It is a reality, a prominent scholar of Islamic law Mufti Irshad Ahmad Ijaz said during a seminar on “Technical and Sharia state of digital cryptocurrency” organized by the Department of Usool Uddin of the University of Karachi and the University’s Al-Asr Foundation. from Karachi.

“In my personal opinion, digital currency should be justified under certain conditions and the government should play a positive role in this regard so that the confusion of young people can be cleared up,” Mufti Ijaz said. J

Chairman of Bank Islami Shariah Advisory Board, Mufit Ijaz, observed that the level of research is always above the level of law, so scholars should continue to present their research on their respective topics.

Dr Ishaq Alam from the department said scholars should be aware of new issues in the digital society so that people can be guided by Sharia.

Meanwhile, Mufti Owais Paracha, a crypto expert, said that cryptocurrency originated from bitcoin, which was developed in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. He shared that Nakamoto made him invincible by incorporating cryptography and techniques from previous currencies.


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