Indonesia and Chile dominate global interest in digital currency (report)


Indonesia has emerged as the country most interested in digital currencies, ahead of Chile and Argentina, which are in second and third place respectively. The country saw a 1,770% increase in total engagement and nearly 600% in total search volume on Google.

Data by co-trainer show that Indonesia had more than 10,400 articles on digital currencies, an increase of 132% last year. The Southeast Asian country, which banned digital currency payments this year, had more than 7.2 million digital currency owners, or 2.66% of the total population. Indonesia scored 5.73 out of 10 for the Global Digital Currency Interest Score, the highest in the world.

Coinformant, an Australian digital currency resource platform, used Google’s searches, ownership, articles and total engagement in its rankings. He gathered his data from Google Ads Keyword Planner as well as BuzzSumo, a cloud-based engagement platform.

Chile ranked second with an overall score of 5.26 out of 10. The Latin American country recorded the highest growth in Google search volume with 707%, with total engagement of 639%. With over half a million, digital currency owners in Chile represent 2.62% of the total population.

Argentina was third with a score of 4.79, with Bulgaria being the fourth best-ranked European country and with an overall score of 4.69. Finland, Singapore, India and Romania followed respectively.

Kenya, ninth, was the highest-ranked African country, with a score of 4.18. The East African country was recently ranked fifth globally for adoption and first for peer-to-peer volume for the second year in a row. With 8.52%, Kenya had the second highest proportion of digital currency owners in the top 10 after Singapore at 9.04%.

As Coinformant revealed, the data and rankings have mostly focused on the growth of all four metrics over the past year, and not just absolute numbers. The United States still ranks first in terms of absolute numbers.

“This report is for the countries with the largest increase in these measures this year and it should be noted that in terms of volume, the United States still leads the way,” Coinformant said.

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