Crypto Juke Box: Music Generated by the Price of Cryptocurrencies


crypto jukebox portada.jpg
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Cryptocurrencies and blockchain have forever changed traditional finance, through the use of decentralized technology and focused on confidentiality. However, one of the big problems with cryptocurrencies is the price volatility, which change at an enormous speed, going up or down in a few hours.

Crypto Juke Box creates tunes based on the movement of cryptocurrency prices on a chart, which converts positions into music.

Crypto Juke Box takes advantage of this peculiarity of cryptocurrencies, capturing changes in their prices to create music, via the price history. This web application displays the price charts of cryptocurrencies and generates tunes based on their indicators.

The application is very simple, with a minimalist graphic aspect. Accessing it in any desktop or mobile browser we find the graphical interface. To start using it, we will only have to choose between one of the available cryptocurrencies which are: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Dogecoin and Loopring. Once chosen, you press the “Start” button that appears just below and it will start.

When enabled, each time the chosen cryptocurrency registers a new price, a new mark will appear on the chart, accompanied by an audible warning whose musical note will vary depending on the its position in the graph, which is updated every few seconds, creating a different melody, as we can see in the following image:

Illustrative image of crypto jukebox

In summary, this is an app whose primary use case is leisure, because while it can be used as a sound price alert, the truth is that updates are coming with a lot more. delay than in other applications, such as centralized exchanges or cryptocurrency applications, which are designed for such use. In fact, the tool’s website states that it has recreational use and that not an investment tool.



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