Cardano, Dogecoin & Bitcoin – American Wrap May 19


Cardano price is still on the verge of retesting $0.40, but bears shouldn’t get too excited

Cardano’s price is on the urgent watch list of professional traders as the digital asset may hit a medium-term low in the $0.45 area before rallying towards $0.60. The price of ADA, like several cryptos, has seen a steep decline, which requires balance and proportion.

Dogecoin Founder Says Crypto Investors Are Distraught As DOGE Price Crashes Under Pressure

The Dogecoin co-founder advises crypto investors to do real research and stay informed about their crypto investments. As the coin meme tumbles under pressure, analysts are finding a bullish pattern that could lead to a rally in Dogecoin.

Top 3 Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple Price Predictions: The Crypto Bloodbath Hasn’t Even Started Yet

The price of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies are in retreat after the massive slaughter that took place on the trading floor of Wall Street yesterday. Instead of cleaning the pink sheets from the floor, cleaning staff are likely busy sweeping up many exhausted traders who were wiped out overnight as the Dow Jones recorded its worst performance since June 2020. Expect this may the pain not be over at all. Yet, as bearish territory looms for several asset classes and for cryptocurrencies that are set to enter their worst trading period in history, “winter is coming.”


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