Bitcoin: Is the US government seizing all bitcoins by decree?


Jhere is a new one conspiracy theory in town, coming from Robert Kyosaki.

bestselling author rich dad, poor dad noted Joe Biden will seize all cryptocurrencies, calling him a communist.

Kiyosaki sold 32 million copies of his book, and he has 1.8 million Twitter followers. Nevertheless, there is no evidence or plans for the U.S. government seize cryptocurrency where Joe Biden is a communist.

The second is even less likely than plans to seize cryptos.

Before tweeting the news crypto conspiracy theorysix hours later, Kiyosaki told “entrepreneur, stay out of the stock market, create your own assets, use dollar debt, save G, S, BC, guns.”

Cryptocurrencies are known to be an alternative to the stock market. In other words, he encouraged his followers to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Kiyosaki often recommended buying gold, silver and bitcoin against inflation. His “predictions” are strongly criticized by the crypto community.

Joe Biden issued an executive order on cryptocurrencies last Wednesday.

However, his goal was do not seize crypto assets. Biden’s executive order is based on take care of consumersby supporting technological advances, addressing the risks and harnessing the potential benefits of digital assets.

“Under the executive order, Treasury and interagency partners will rely on recently released national risk assessments, which identify key illicit finance risks associated with digital assets,” Yanet Yellen noted.

Reports from Crypto Head, a cryptocurrency outlet that used Federal Trade Commission data to analyze cryptocurrency crime trends in recent years indicates that since the inception of cryptos, crimes increased by 312% per year.

Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency with report of most crimess. It is the oldest form of payment.

Bitcoin is not property that can be frozen or seized. Senator Ted Cruz described “one of the reasons I’m so bullish on bitcoin is because it’s decentralized and uncontrollable.


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