Best Cryptocurrencies In The Past Two Months: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba Inu, How Did They Work


Ghost – A scalable smart contract platform that allows developers to build decentralized applications, Fantom has been the centerpiece for the past two months. At the start of the two months mentioned above, the cryptocurrency was trading at around Rs 100. 60 days later, it is now at a value of Rs 213 at the time of writing, registering an astonishing growth of 79%.

Peas – Designed to make several blockchains interoperable, Polkadot has gone from around Rs 2,500 in the second week of September to Rs 3,900 today. This equates to another bullish rally of around 52%, triggering massive interest in the coin.

Binance Coin – The personal crypto coin of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance Coin has seen an impressive growth of 51.63% in the past 60 days. It started the period at a price of around Rs 29,000 and is currently recording a value of over Rs 50,000 for a single coin.

Bitcoin – Bitcoin, the godfather of all cryptocurrencies in terms of market cap, has grown 42.43% in the past 60 days. The world’s most valuable cryptocurrency saw its value plummet at the end of September, which lasted until early October. Since then, Bitcoin has offered impressive returns to investors.

At the time of writing, its market value hovers around Rs 52 lakh. This is a huge gain from the Rs 33 lakh mark that Bitcoin was trading on on September 11th.

Ethereum – After closely following Bitcoin, Ethereum has risen by around 37% in the past two months. At the start of this period, Ethereum was trading at around Rs 2.43 lakh, a value which stood at Rs 3.77 lakh at the time of writing.

These are the cryptocurrencies that have a large market cap and have managed to dramatically increase in value over the past couple of months. Put simply, these are the “blue chip” in the cryptocurrency world. However, don’t take this as investment advice and be sure to do your own research before investing in any of them.

Of course, it is by no means the cryptocurrencies that have experienced the strongest growth. As mentioned above, these anomalous price jumps are mostly seen in new coins starting up and not a very risk-free investment. In case you’re still interested, some of those coins that have burst onto the scene in the last couple of months are Kadena, Advanced Technology Coin, Pegnet, Akroma, Rabbit Coin and more. DotDown and TRXDown are the ones who have seen a bewildering increase in the values ​​of seven-digit percentages.

FYI, your Rs 10,000 invested in TRXDown would have been Rs 52,68,26,200 in two months.

Best performing crypto tokens

Crypto tokens are different from crypto coins and can be based on existing blockchain networks. Therefore, these are also easier to craft than a crypto coin, which needs its own blockchain to function. This is exactly why there is a flood of crypto tokens on the market.

Tokens are the wild roller coaster that all short term investors are looking for. They can shoot all the way to the moon within hours or drop dead to the ground at the same time. So be sure to invest your hard earned money in it very carefully.

In case you decided to do so, here are some hot crypto tokens that have performed extraordinarily well over the past couple of months.

Shiba inu – No points for guesses here. Shiba Inu has been single-handedly responsible for keeping the cryptocurrency world in the limelight for the past month or so. With constant memes from Tesla CEO Elon Musk and the token’s fan base supporting his listing on Robinhood, Shiba Inu hit an all-time high earlier this month before plummeting in value again.

The net result has been that the token has gained over 638% in the past two months, going from a price of around Rs 0.0005 to a current price of Rs 0.004.

Chromium – A token of the Chromia blockchain platform for decentralized applications, Chromia has seen a massive increase over the past two weeks, mainly after announcing its collaboration with Revolve Games. The token has gone from a previous value of around Rs 26 to a business value of Rs 92 today, recording growth of over 200%.

Cartesi – In an effort to improve smart contract programming, Cartesi was last week’s hot token, increasing more than 50% in value over the seven days. Over the two months, the token established a staggering 131% rise from around Rs 46 at the start to around Rs 119 by the end of the two months.

Enjin Coin – A toke of Enjin – a blockchain-based gaming products company, Enjin Coin has grown steadily over the two months, maintaining a high of 73 percent during the period. While it retailed for around Rs 120 two months ago, the token is now valued at Rs 236 for a unit.


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